Last week our Medical Director and lifestyle medicine advocate Dr. Diaho was invited to the Aspen Global Leadership Network in Aspen, Colorado. There, a community of entrepreneurial leaders from across the globe spent the 24th – 27th of July exchanging their extraordinary creativity, energy, resources, and leadership to ‘tackle the foremost societal challenges of our times’.

As part of the African Leadership Initiative and Co-founder of TEACH South Africa, Dr. Diaho participated in various exchanges of ideas expressed through, dialogue, theatre, short film, and poetry.

The theme for engagement this year was ‘Borders’ – exploring borders within and around us. The ‘non-partisan force for good forum’ focuses on diversity and the voices that come from each culture and history to bring about the best opportunity for actions towards change.

“It is always an amazing experience being able to share in the global dialogue. It is wonderful too to see how much individual holistic health plays an underlying role in cohesion, in that, if one is not holistically well, focusing only on the health of their body but not the health of their spirit or mind, then overall they remain ‘sick’. As said by the WHO, health and wellness are more than the absence of disease but a state of overall well-being. The healthier we are the more we can effectively contribute to change, it all begins with self.” – Dr. Diaho.