Finding your purpose may be easier than you think.

It may be “easier said than done”, but there is a way to find your path that does not have to feel like you are overwhelmed. How do we really know what our purpose is? Do we only have one? The simple answer is no, and studies have shown that finding your purpose – whichever one of them it is – increases your happiness, drive, and sense of worth.

The search does not have to be daunting, in fact, you can find your purpose in the small things, the everyday tasks that help us to feel more focused, present and productive. We would like to share some strategies and practices you can use daily that will keep you feeling motivated and inspire you to act with intention and achieve your goals.

Get creative

Many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the one thing, our passion, that is supposed to drive us, that makes us feel like we are doing ‘something’ in this world. This weight can be unnerving, but it does not have to be. Doing something creative, expressing ourselves, can help us feel content – a sense of achievement about giving life to something that did not exist in the world before. Being creative can be as simple as making dinner for friends, or from your wild side, wetting a paintbrush and using every colour to express how you feel about what you see and think. When we are creating it brings about a sense of clarity, making it easier to minimise our feelings of senselessness and gives us direction.

Lend a helping hand

By connecting with others who live and breathe similar experiences to ours we are reminded that we are not alone in the way we feel. Lending a helping hand acts as a way to reinforce our ‘why’ because someone else may not know what you do and walking alongside them rewards us with a sense of love and happiness.

Be intentional

Try to commit to one or two intentions a day, like a task, and work towards achieving them like a goal – start small. On one day setting an intention might mean an effort to be extra compassionate. Even though we face challenges, an intention to be more compassionate will have you looking to the silver lining when things do not go your way, empowering others to feel encouraged in the same way.

Tell the people you love that you care 

This point speaks to gratitude and celebration. It has been shown that giving some love brings you more joy and love in return. You would be surprised how many people need an extra show of affection and kind words and when you can be that person who shares them it works out in your favour too. Reach out to those people who are quiet, send an ‘I love you’ message or a joke to those who you are close to – it all counts, it all adds up. Again, the more you give, the more you receive. Give with open hands so that what returns has open hands to be received with.

Stay true to your message

Having a mission keeps you focused and allows you to set goals that you can achieve. Daily reminders of what and why you are doing what you have to keeps you grounded, and each step you take shows a little more progress in the way of your heart and future – protect that.

Believe in magic

It is not only in fairytales where dreams come true, however, in life they are not granted by a magic wand. Belief and faith are the first steps, next, you should set your intention. Magic occurs when what you have prepared for paths to cross with what you have intended and worked for. Keep on going and keep focused. If you dedicate your intention you can see it manifest when you least expect it. Magic or your miracle are waiting for you, show up for yourself. Practice and try consistently and watch what happens when you give your dreams time to come true.