When you show up with your full self to the office, you show others how they can be more present themselves, allowing everyone to connect more deeply.

The times are changing with inflexible and emotionless spaces fading, as leaders and teams see the benefits of bringing empathy and humanness back to work. Having leadership thinking in this way opens up avenues for happier and more inspiring environments that ultimately lead to increased connection and connectivity productivity.

Here are things that can be done to be more human in business.

Show some emotion

Businesses are made up of individuals that come together and develop personal relationships that build understanding, inspire and influence one another. We need to pay more attention to feelings and emotions. When we see that we can share our emotions we are able to find solutions that come from a more open place.

Fail forward

Learn to accept that on some days there will be mistakes and failures but they do not have to hinder your opportunity to overcome any challenge or be successful. Celebrate when things go well, ask to see what can be done better when things do not go well and learn from every failure. There are lights and lessons that can be learned from every situation.

Be more creative

Opening up to a little more flexibility is necessary for teams to find greater happiness, relieve pressures and increase productivity. Think about changing the rules of 9 to 5 workdays that may mean that team members feel that they have more power to manage their lives and this gives space to imagination and innovation.

Be yourself

You exist to take up space in the world – you have something to offer. Focus on the things you can do to maximise your strengths. Be honest, show integrity and share your values and boundaries – you are a leader and expert in your own right.

Network to grow and share

Not everything is about what job a person has. People have entire lives and passions outside the office so why not engage them on that. Invest in learning what makes others tick, what they cherish, and who they love. Stay authentic in networking and you are sure to develop more fulfilling relationships with others.