Be Summer ready

Summer has hit. This year, there has been no ease-in period.

Usually, we have some time to work on the barrel waist and overhanging love handles, but now with the instant heatwave, I am forced to wear less, and no longer have the luxury of being able to cover all the lumps and bumps.

After taking a good look in the mirror, I realised that eating that last puff pastry while no one was looking (a couple of times) had not been a good thing, because my curves had turned into rolling mounds and the buttons on my pants no longer closed. I was distraught.

I was meeting a good friend for lunch and, after finding an oversized shirt near the back of the cupboard, was at least able to leave the house. During lunch, I launched into my less-than-body-perfect woes, and thank goodness, she had the answer.

She told me about this amazing doctor who has opened a clinic in Dainfern called Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Clinic, and how much help and support she had got on her recent weight loss journey, and I must say she is looking fabulous – slim, healthy and glowing. I was impressed by the fact that they evaluated and tested her before putting her on a programme, and that there were different options available depending on the person, and their specific needs and lifestyle.

I made the call, and am so glad I did. During the first consultation, they did a full lifestyle assessment and body analysis, looking specifically at my body mass index and body fat percentage (this is tracked regularly throughout your programme to measure your progress). They also checked my blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol before designing a programme that was wellness-appropriate for me.

Being really focused on health, wellness and longevity myself, I was looking for a way of life rather than the standard run-of-the-mill starvation diet (been there, done that, got the T-shirt), and that is where the JivaLife programme that Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Clinic offers fitted in so well with what I wanted to achieve.

The prescribed meal plan, supported with protein and mineral shakes, has not only been designed in accordance with the latest research on genetic influences regarding weight gain and obesity, but also the effects of certain foods on insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk. I have been on the programme for just over three weeks now, and cannot tell you the changes I have seen in my body, not to mention the increased energy and fitness levels.

When my friend went for her evaluation, she was placed on the Slender Wonder Programme, which has also shown phenomenal results. I just can’t do needles, and part of the programme is to inject yourself on a daily basis in support of a balanced eating plan and supplementation. The main objective of the system is to raise leptin levels in the body to control hunger and cravings. It also helps mobilise your fat out of your fat cells, so that it can be used as energy. Not only has my friend lost the fat, but she feels great. She says her mind is clearer; she has more energy and does not feel as down and moody as she had before.



I can honestly say that the support we have received from Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Clinic is what has made all the difference. Any weight-loss programme needs a certain amount of dedication and commitment, but it also needs constant support.

The clinic offers close follow-up appointments to assess your progress, and what really helped me is their open-door policy, where you can pop in or phone at any time to ask a question or just get support when you are having one of those bad, refined carbohydrate or sugar craving meltdowns. And there is more … Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Clinic offers non-invasive body shaping and skin tightening technology called BTL Exilis Elite.

These treatments support your weight loss by working on the more resistant pockets of fat and loose skin. The machine can treat the waist, inner thighs, arms, knees and ankles, and is effective for skin rejuvenation and tightening of the facial features.

You can also slip into the Lymphastim body suit for effective detoxification and drainage, either after an Exilis Elite session or on its own, and try the X-Wave technology for targeted cellulite reduction. Another method to remove stubborn fatty deposits is Lipogone, where a cocktail of active ingredients are injected into the affected area to rapidly metabolise and disperse the fat.

Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Clinic really has thought of it all when it comes to providing effective weight-loss and body-shaping solutions. After a thorough assessment they are better able to provide you with a combination of treatments that are best suited to you, and will get you body beautiful and confident in no time.

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