Holistic Approaches to Optimising Aesthetic Treatments

Holistic Approaches to Optimising Aesthetic Treatments

Instant gratification is one of our main vices in the twenty-first century.  Anything we want, we want it immediately. And this is no more evident than when we make the decision to undergo any aesthetic treatment. If we want to lose weight, revitalize our skin or augment certain body parts, we want to see the positive change instantly.  However, what we tend to forget is that in order to ensure optimal and sustainable results from all treatments, a holistic approach is absolutely vital.

An all-inclusive approach

Preparing the skin for aesthetic treatments should, therefore, involve an all-inclusive strategy including a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise regime, as these will positively impact on the skin prior to any aesthetic procedure. A balanced diet and lots of hydration are foundations for preparing your skin for future treatments. This pre-care focus, which can be both external and internal, allows for optimised skin health so as to better recover from treatment and to ensure that the positive results from treatments last longer.

Pre-care on the outside

On the outside, we can prepare our skin using a variety of treatment products that are currently available, all of which aim to hydrate, repair and/or rejuvenate our skin. As always, good cleansing and exfoliation products are ideal in removing dead skin cells, which can prevent aesthetic treatments from penetrating deeper skin layers, and, in turn, minimise results. Extra hydration of the skin is also beneficial as well as the application of vitamins A and C topically, or even forms of alpha hydroxy acid, depending on the intensity of the imminent treatment. It is important to always analyse the skin before making the correct recommendation. In certain instances, a more simplified skincare regimen might be better suited to the individual.

Beauty from within

Perhaps more importantly than external skin preparation, is how we promote good health from within. We need to acknowledge the very close association between inner health and outer beauty. Optimising skin health through a balanced diet will mean getting the most out of any aesthetic treatment as well as faster healing and recovery times. Increasing our intake of vegetables, and low-sugar fruits all increase antioxidants which help to protect the skin’s cells from free radical damage. More protein and oily fish (omega 3), and less sugar and refined carbohydrates all contribute towards healthy skin and in maintaining a younger, supple complexion. Supplements can also boost a number of skin nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E, B-vitamins, zinc, and collagen.

The Advantages of Aesthetic Centres

As the benefits of a holistic approach to medical aesthetics are becoming more widely acknowledged, practitioners are increasingly promoting a ‘whole-patient’ approach to treatment, and not simply employing quick-fix solutions to an aesthetic symptom.  Aesthetic centres embrace this holistic approach and offer thorough assessments, which include an in-depth skin analysis and comprehensive consultation, before recommending any treatments. Gene testing is also an example of looking at the whole picture as it considers your genetic makeup in formulating specific nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plans that will optimise your overall health.

Long-term commitment

Ensuring complete skin health is a long-term commitment involving a long-term lifestyle change. In this way, any aesthetic treatment or surgery will be more successful, ensuring better healing and longer lasting results.  With the availability of aesthetic centres and holistic approaches to skin health, we are able to ensure that our inner health and outer beauty are fully optimised.

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