Regain your sensuality with a revolutionary treatment!

Women the world over irrespective of culture, race or social standing, share a desire to look and feel beautiful. Beauty means things to different people, but for a woman it usually encompasses the physical, spiritual, and an aspect of self that we tend to neglect  – the sensual.

We spend time and money in search of the hidden elixir of youth. We invest in jars of miracle cream,  aesthetic innovations and the odd nip and tuck. We willingly sign up for retreats and workshops to inspire and uplift the spirit, but when it comes to our sexual wellbeing, it lies buried in a dark cupboard covered in cobwebs and dust.

Drop “remodelling the labia” into a dinner conversation with the girls and everyone is likely to get all shy and embarrassed at the mere thought of rejuvenating “down there”. In fact, most women wonder why such a drastic measure would even be necessary.

Eventually curiosity and intrigue wins us over, because just as the years have taken a toll on our faces and our bodies, so too our most intimate parts are no longer as plump, pert, lubricated and enticing as they were at age 18. In most instances, largely due to childbirth, our bodies have been stretched and torn, and, truth be told, we have as many wrinkles and sagging skin in our most erogenous zone as we have on our faces and bodies.

However, unless a woman is faced with seriously protruding saggy bits, she doesn’t give her labia a second thought.

So what exactly does remodelling the labia entail, and is it painful? The good news is that it’s a non-invasive, zero-pain, and no-downtime option. With BTL Intima, the vulva area is heated using radio frequency to stimulate collagen synthesis. In essence, after the first 20-minute in-office treatment, the vulva shows immediate plumpness and tightness. The difference between the before and after photos is quite dramatic, and it’s not just about aesthetics. As you continue with the four recommended sessions – a week apart – lubrication of the area improves, as does sexual satisfaction.

What’s more amazing are the psychological benefits – you’ll feel more desirable, sexy and youthful, having regained the confidence you had in your early 20s.

Visit Spiral Aloe Clinic to find out how to regain your sensuality with a revolutionary treatment that is quick, effective and totally painless. Join other confident women who took charge of their sensuality and say it’s the ultimate pampering decision they have made

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