The A – Z of Self-Discovery

The A – Z of Self-Discovery

What are the steps to self-discovery? To begin with, do you know yourself well? Are you clear about you want in life? Do you have a sense of purpose? What defines you? What makes you happy? If you stop to reflect for a second, you may find yourself answering “no” or “don’t really know” to most of the questions above.

Below is the A to Z list of questions you could use as a guideline to help give you clarity on your hopes, wants and dreams.

A) Who am I?

B) What truly are my strengths?

C) What truly are my weaknesses?

D) What do I truly want?

E) What is my vision in life?

F) What is my dark side?

G) What is it I just cannot change?

H) Who are the people I need to get rid off in my life?

I) What is it that I truly hate about myself or my life?

J) What is urgent right now that I am putting away?

K) What is important that I am leaving for the last minute?

L) Who are my mentors?

M) What important strategies should I be changing for the coming year?

N) When I look at what I have done the last 5 years what are the patterns I have been repeating?

O) What were my goals for this year?

P) What did I achieve this year?

Q) Where did I fail and why did I fail?

R) What did I learn from the failures of mine?

S) How much money did I make this year?

T) What mistakes did I make this year?

U) Where did I lose money this year?

V) Where should I have invested money this year?

W) What should I have done instead this year?

X) What is it if I repeat this year will give me the same result?

Y) What are the big important decisions I must make this year?

Z) What are 3 key goals for the next year?

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