What can I do today to make me feel better?

What can I do today to make me feel better?

IV drips- the quick fix to stress overload

Can you remember the days when taking a holiday left you rejuvenated and rearing to go? Is it just me or does this timeout not work as well as it used to. Getting rid of accumulates stress is never easy. With an imbalance between input and output, and a limited number of hours in the day, we remain stuck on the hamster wheel of life, accumulating excess at every turn – work, social, drinking, food and exercise.

This affects how we feel and how our bodies function. We are in a state, and although we make the New Year’s resolutions to curb our time spent on almost everything to find that balance, we never quite get there, especially when it comes to our health. Why? We just don’t have time. And, although we rush off to the drugstore to purchase a large bottle of multi-vitamins, muscle builders, or fat burners; commit to the eating plan of 2017; and join the gym, this all takes time to kick in.

So, what do we do right now to alleviate the stress overload and the add-on effects of unhealthy living?

Not everyone knows this but IV drips, which have been administered by doctors for many years now, are a quick and effective means of reversing the many concerns caused by daily excesses on our bodies.

They deliver nutrients to the body directly, and far quicker, as the nutrients do not need to go through the normal digestive process. Results are more instant and the absorption rate increases by 40% in comparison to nutrients that need to be ingested.

Suffering from jetlag or fatigue, why not try an IV cocktail designed to uplift, hydrate and rejuvenate. It works wonders for the skin and helps athletes restore hydration, rebalance salts and flush out lactic acid and toxins.

Rundown, had too much to drink or suffering from headaches, nausea or athletic exhaustion, come for one of our specially formulated detox and energy boosting IV cocktail to get you back on track and ready to go. These are also great for boosting the immune system and helping maintain health and vigour.

And, if you feel like you can’t even lift your head out of bed, we can administer an IV drip with a powerful combination of anti-oxidants, multi-vitamin, minerals, and electrolytes for instant recovery and detoxification.

Certain IV drips can also offer quicker recovery from food poisoning, migraines and flu. With absolute comfort in mind, Spiral Aloe has dedicated an area in the medical spa where you can relax for your IV treatment.

Although you can experience results after the first IV drip, a series of treatments are usually recommended, depending on your condition and specific health concerns.

Call Spiral Aloe Dainfern Square on 011 469 0376 or visit www.spiralaloe.co.za to book a consultation.

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