What on earth is a sound journey? – By Janine Hayward

What on earth is a sound journey? – By Janine Hayward

Janine Hayward here, at new year I asked Source to guide me as to what to focus on in 2018, so far it seems music, nature, and healing are at the top of the list. I am part of the healing team at Spiral Aloe Medical Spa at Lourensford Wine Estate. I enjoy helping people with their emotional recovery and love to host sound journeys for special occasions, celebrations, and gatherings.

I hear you asking…what on earth is a sound journey? A sound journey is a sonic relaxation and meditation. I craft each session based on the need of the people and hold a sacred space where we can sing, chant and align with the Divine using our hearts and voices. After we have connected with the sound stream, the invitation is to allow the entire body to become a sensing, hearing organ while you relax and enjoy the healing vibrations of various instruments.

You can perhaps imagine how shakers can enliven and clear the aura, while a monochord, a multi-stringed overtone instrument soothes the heart and soul. Tongue drum, rain-stick, ukulele and singing bowl are included in the soundscape. I love singing Sanskrit songs, as this ancient language is not only beautiful but healing for the body and mind.

We meet regularly at the Life Retreat Movement Studio (above Spiral Aloe Medical Spa) once a month on the Wednesday closest to the full moon. Here we tune ourselves into the sound currents of creation and celebrate the now with sacred songs and music. Director of the Studio and fellow healer, Ryan Edmonds and I collaborate to create a unique experience for you. The next session is on Wednesday 28 February at 19:30, tickets are R100 Bookings@liferetreat.co.za

So, I guess I am singing for my supper! Super-Duper! If you would like me to sing at your baby blessing, housewarming or yoga studio, you know where to find me! I am also available at Spiral Aloe for emotional recovery sessions using Matrix Reimprinting with Emotional Freedom Technique and Access Bars. Change your beliefs, choose your destiny!

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