COVID-19 Mental Health Tips

COVID-19 Mental Health Tips

While the primary threat posed by COVID-19 is to the physical health of people and the spread of the virus in communities, the pandemic has also had a significant effect on economies, social and cultural activities, and, increasingly, people’s psychological and mental health. As we navigate this new era digitally and at a distance, we will have to pay closer attention to what support we can give people moving through this time together. A conversation about physical health cannot be held without one about keeping people emotionally well.

“We must never talk about keeping people physically healthy without a parallel conversation about keeping people emotionally well. We need to keep [the] conversation around mental health alive on all levels,”

Below are some mental health support tips to keep mentally healthy during COVID-19, and you can start with these:

  1. PAUSE. Breathe. Reflect
  2. KEEP to a healthy routine
  3. CONNECT with others
  4. BE KIND to yourself and others
  5. REACH OUT for help if you need it

To book a teleconsultation with the doctor follow the link:

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