Coping With COVID: A Guide To Managing Mild Covid-19 Disease At Home

The majority of people who are infected with coronavirus experience a mild or asymptomatic disease that can be treated at home. If you are experiencing the tell-tale signs of the virus, there are actions you can take to help towards recovery.

Dr Aysha Kola and Dr Waasila Jassat have complied these homecare guidelines to help care for mild cases of COVID-19 at home.

Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 present as follows:

If you experience fever of a new continuous cough you should self-isolate immediately. Those experiencing a mild illness don’t need to seek medical attention.

You may book a teleconsultation with the doctor for support and other medical guidance contact us:

We hope this guideline will be useful and valuable to share.

Download the PDF here:

‘Lifestyle is the medicine’


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