Info Pack: IV Nutrition

Info Pack: IV Nutrition

Image: Edgar Castrejon

Many of us have now heard of IV Therapy and its benefits. Moving this treatment away from its primary use in hospitals, people the world over now have access to this treatment to boost, release, and regenerate the body – depending on the mix.

IV Nutrition Therapy allows for a higher concentration of nutrients or medication into the body. This means that your body will receive what it needs faster and more effectively without causing further damage to your gastrointestinal (GI) system.

The most popular reasons for IV Nutrition or Vitamin treatment are to relieve stress, detox the body, balance hormones, boost immunity, as well as make your skin healthier. There are also positive stories that speak to pain relief and overall rejuvenation as another benefit of these treatments.

How often you have your IV Therapy treatments will mainly depend on you and what has been advised by your consulting practitioner. Most people, however, will see the benefits of the treatments when they are spaced out bi-weekly once the nutrient levels in the body have stabilised.

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