Last week the Global Wellness Summit launched their new focus for their business sector discussions – Wellness Sector Spotlight. Looking at Wellness Real Estate & Communities, the topic invited the community to reflect on “The Best Business Move I Made in 2020”.

After sending our RSVP, we were excited to receive a request from Susie Ellis, Chair and CEO of GWS, to contribute our story about our ‘Best Business Move’.

The idea behind these meetings is for “participants [to] share ideas and learn from each other, forming relationships that often turn into actual business.”, writes Ellis.

Our contribution to the conversation was featured in the European Spa Magazine along with other businesses from the Americas to Africa and Asia.

For our reflection, we shared that our ‘Best Business Move in 2020’ was to switch over to online health consultations. We rapidly changed all our communication lines and website CTAs to offer tele-consultations. We were lucky to see our customer-base grow rapidly as our clients could now share our services amongst their own circles without having to navigate any physical logistics.

You can find the link here to see what other businesses shared during the call., and if you would like to watch the recording of the discussion click here.

What a great way to start the year, by getting connected and engaging with community.

What did you learn in 2020 that you are bringing with you into this New Year?

European Spa Magazine Feature Link

Video Recording Link

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Image: Chris Montgomery
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