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(MB;BS) Australia (DCH) College of Medicine (DPH) (DTM&H) (MBA) Wits (PMD) Harvard (IOSD) Gestalt Institute Cleveland Pr. No. 1528335 :MP No. 0324000

Dr. Mothomang Diaho qualified as a medical doctor in Public Health at the University of Adelaide Australia 33 years ago and later completed a Masters degree in business. She is a qualified Gestalt practitioner and is passionate about preventative medicine, believing that lifestyle is the real medicine.

She is the Medical Director of Spiral Aloe Health & Wellness and through consultation and engagement shares insights to optimise health and create wellbeing. She explores the direct relationship between the degree of awareness and the potential for new choices of behaviour that support the individual’s wellness journey. She employs dialogic tools coupled with genetic testing to provide a unique perspective on health, diet, and physical activity optimisation.