Meet the doctor

Dr. Mothomang Diaho

Founder & Medical director


Mothomang Diaho qualified as a medical doctor at the University of Adelaide Australia 34 years ago. She subsequently specialised in public health and completed a master’s degree in business. She is also a qualified Gestalt practitioner and is passionate about preventative medicine and beliefs that lifestyle is the real medicine. 

She founded Spiral Aloe Medical Wellness she shares her insights during consultations to optimise health and create wellbeing. She explores the direct relationship between the degree of awareness and the potential for new choices of behaviour that support our wellness journey. We help create for people a version of themselves so can enjoy optimum health with control over their health, and therefore their future.
Using dialogue as a tool, we discuss tools to healthier living in a way that is profoundly simple and yet simply profound. We engage how Genetic testing provides a unique insight on health, diet and physical activity optimisation.

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